Calibre Menswear Head Designer Ty Henschke approached me to do some visuals for the top Australian menswear brands social media content stream. With every project I approach there is no alternative than to give my best. I suggested a little known Salt Lake on the outskirts of Melbourne as our location and began to build a team. I pulled in legendary Australian model Ben Swift. My second Mark Stanjo my second lenser at the time to cover behind the scenes. And makeup duo Lisa Ivey & Matt Hunter for grooming.

I was heavily inspired by new hue and colour raw processing techniques I had developed shifting Blue skies to Aqua. It stuck and became a running theme for future work. Adding to this I felt a need for ultra simplicity was in the air. A friend introduced me to the concept of "Occams Razor".

"His principle states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected". - Wikipedia

Basically put into practice I have used the concept to start my creative process from its essential elements and build up. Using simplicity to start with your end result always has the perfect amount of elements... Nothing more, nothing less. This is how I now approach my work.

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