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I've been a long time admirer of Country Road as a brand. To shoot for Country Road was a creative bucket list for me. I was inspired by their simple design process. The earthy aesthetic. The products that would last, unlike some of our current fast turn over fashion brands. As a young photographer, I would see their campaigns shot by visionary Australian photographer Richard Bailey and would consider one day contributing to this vision. 

So I called them and was invited in to discuss current creative systems.

A new process was needed for their online store. Video was fast becoming a large component of online and instore sales. Having intricate knowledge of web design and both motion and stills it seemed the right fit. I began by designing a constant lighting system using HMI lights for their studio that would enable both stills and motion capture in house. And further set about training in house photographers to shoot high volume catalogue photography in conjunction with a videographer. Firstly this was my father Rob Maccoll, and then I brought in Melbourne videographer Danny Bonnici who continues to this day.

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