Quiksilver & Kelly Slater. A long standing relationship that has created surfing history. I have had a fascination with surfing for decades despite still not venturing into the water with a board just yet... Perhaps this is to come. The mention of Kelly's name is always met with awe. Quiksilver commissioned me to capture a portrait of Kelly alongside documenting his journey from Melbourne to the Quiksilver Pro on board a Jetstar aeroplane.

"Most anything I've ever set my mind to, I could accomplish." - Kelly Slater

This image was shot with a ring flash at very close range. Every pore, eyelash and minute detail is visible. The image holds his gazing intensity. I personally admire his drive. All of the other Quiksilver team legends were also on board the flight and over the course of the tour I captured and collated their headshots into one image for the brand.

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