B&T Magazine

Conceptual Editorial Development

Creative Direction | Photography | Retouching

In May & June of 2009, I was commissioned by B&T Magazine to creatively direct and shoot two magazine covers. The June edition ran a feature story on "In The Shadows - Inside the minds of Australia's big-brand PR chiefs". My concept was to deliver a timeless image that expressed a sense of power to the reader via visual emotional connectivity from the subject to a viewer.

I felt the talent choice was of particular interest with this cover. So I sourced them personally. The final image was to also embody more of a Renaissance Chiaroscuro feel much like Caravaggio's work. Ironically my Father gave me a book on his work some year's later. I hadn't known how to define my earlier style until I saw his work.

"Sounds Like Change - Can Australia make a successful switch to digital radio?" 

was the title of the second cover. I sourced multiple speakers from different old stores. Shot them individually and retouched the entire piece together to form a map of Australia. Which I feel has quite an impact given the level of detail present.

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