For so many years I was a frustrated photographer. At times banging my head against a brick wall asking why I wasn't getting the commissions my ego was screaming for. I find this attitude quite hilarious today. Especially when spoken about with emerging photographers who share my former habit of self-punishment. Fortunately, my relentless desire to create flawless work led me to projects such as this.

When given the chance to work with Bulgari, of course, I was honoured.

Further, to be entrusted with my own creative vision I felt very humbled. At the time I was exploring colour palette development and had discovered an amazing new creative tool called Adobe Color. Which enabled me to source colour palettes based on photos I had taken.

I created a palette based on individual details from the, quite stunning, Bulgari Serpenti bag I had picked up that day to photograph. The direction was quite simple but powerfully effective. Using varied colours for the backing card I created a studio setup which would dynamically reflect the existing colour harmonies of the product. Subtle enough not to overpower the beauty of the Serpenti itself. I used fishing line to suspend the bag creating a zero gravity effect. A perfect harmony.

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