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Chester Brix is the latest project from Cairns music prodigy Jayden Reid. I first heard Jayden sing at a Chapel Street institution in Melbourne called "The Imperial". The kind of pub that when you sit outside alone for a quiet beer before too long you have met half of the Melbourne fashion industry walking to and from work. This particular evening there was an unmistakable voice that rang through the night. I couldn't help myself. I went and spoke to Jayden.

I asked if there was any way I could assist him in achieving his dreams.

From that moment we became friends. Some months later Jayden found his tribe and contacted me to do some artwork for his new band. We started co-creating a vision based on colours from a simple suggestion of mine.

I said "Let's make this a spiritual logo...". We went ahead and image searched monks and nuns. We found some great images. I used Adobe Color to source the palette. We came up with an orange from a monks clothing. The charcoal came from a hilarious image of a Nun with an eye patch. Monk orange... Nun Charcoal.

The result was as stunning retro-future logo for the band inspired by the design work of Scott Hanson aka Tycho. This was a hilariously awesome project to work on. Proof that true co-creation is possible and it's outcomes are endlessly infinite.

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